The following Question and Answer sheet addresses the effort, roll out, campaign, criteria, evaluation, vetting and selection process.


The Medical Practice Makeover Initiative is more than a slogan. It’s a promise to small, independent medical practices that meet certain criteria, that help is on the way in the form of $5,000 grants, robust resources, PPE supplies, staff support and in January 2022, practice transformation consultancy, offered free of charge.

Q: How much is LACMA giving to qualified medical practices?

A:         In September 2021, the LACMA board of directors approved $100,000 to be used for $5,000 grants for small, independent medical practices.  Twenty practices overall will benefit from the effort.

Q: How do practices qualify for the grants?

A:         Practices need to apply and meet criteria.  


  • Practice has one or more physicians that are LACMA members in good standing.

  • Practice does not have any legal liabilities, judgments, or medical board investigations.

  • Practice serves an underserved or severely impacted community due to COVID 19 and Delta variant.

  • Practice has laid off, furloughed staff.

  • Practice has closed or reduced hours.

  • Practice has demonstrated, validated economic hardship.

  • Practice agrees to site visit conducted by LACMA staff.

  • Practice shares how funds were used.

  • Practice located in Los Angeles County.

  • Practice has fewer than 10 providers.

  • Practice agrees to videotaping/interviews to capture impact.

  • Practice agrees to 90-day assessment to chronicle outcome and impact.


Q:         How are practices selected for grants?

A:         LACMA staff will first develop the database of applicants, like the Rapid Response initiative of 2020 when more than 500 practices populated a database.  Staff will review each application and compile recommended finalists.  Finalists will be reviewed by a four-physician review team and select five practices per quarter (season).

Q:         When will the initiative kick off?

A:         Target date is October 15, 2021 (subject to change)

Q:         Is LACMA providing medical practice transformation assistance as well?

A:         In January 2022, LACMA will kick off the second phase of the Medical Practice Makeover Initiative, the practice assessment portion which will provide free practice assessments for 30 practices in 2022.

Q:         How do practices qualify for the assessment?

A:         Practices can apply for 1) Grants and/or 2) Free Assessment.  Thirty practices will be selected in 2022 to participate.

Q:         What are criteria for getting the free assessment?

A:         Criteria:

  • Practice meets 75% of grant criteria (location, membership, economic hardship, underserved communities etc.)

  • Practice lacks efficient clinical, reimbursement processes, staff awareness/training, billing expertise

Q:         Will practices not selected for grants, qualify to free practice transformation assessment?

A:         Yes.  Depending on practice response (as part of application process), each practice could be eligible for the free assessment.  The key prerequisite is the practice must have at least one physician LACMA member to qualify.

Q:         How will LACMA guard against fraud?  Misuse of funds?

A:         LACMA will conduct a site visit of each finalist and meet with staff and provider (s) to assess medical practice setting, community, patient population and needs.  LACMA will then conduct pre interview (award phase) and post award interviews to collect data on use of funds and impact.

            LACMA will develop an annual summary of 20 practices (i.e., “before and after”) and 30 practices (i.e., how the assessment and tools expertise impacts reimbursement, workflows, outcomes, patient experience).



Q:         How will practices learn about the program?

A:         LACMA will email all member practices about the opportunities (2021/2022: Phase 1: Grant driven, 2022: Phase 2: Assessment driven).  Nonmembers will receive information as well on how to first join LACMA to be eligible.

Q:         When will campaign begin?

A:         Now that the LACMA Board of Directors has approved the funding of $100,000+$50,000 respectfully, staff will assemble various assets (digital, email language, application), review, test and deploy the week of September 20, 2021.  Several emails will be launched (as Rapid Response showed many went to “junk” mail).

Q:         Will the campaign be “one and done”?

A:         No.  The campaign will divide by season and/or quarter (TBD).